On 23 May 2022, the first Scottish Shores Workshop was launched, during this event, a group of academics across the fields of Scottish Literatures and Cultures, Folklore, Gothic Studies, English and Cornish littoral environments, and the Blue and Environmental Humanities came together to ask what methods from each field could bring to each other and in an investigation of Scottish Shores an Coastal Environments in particular.

The following texts were addressed and discussed:

Scottish Gothic:

Angela Wright, “Scottish Gothic” in The Routledge Companion to Gothic, edited by Catherine Spooner, Emma McEvoy, Routledge, 2007, 87-96.

Christine De Luca, “A Bed of My Own” in UnCanny Bodies, edited by Pippa Goldschmidt, Gill Haddow, Fadhila Mazanderani, Luna Press Publishing, 2020, 125-135.

Kate Horsley, The Monster’s Wife, Barbican Press, 2014.

Gothic Coasts:

Lucy Wood “Flotsam, Jetsam, Lagan, Derelict” in The Sing of the Shore, 4th Estate, 2018.

M. R. James “A Warning to the Curious”, 1925.

Susan Hill “The Sound of a Pony and Trap” in The Woman in Black, 1983.

Blue Humanities:

Melody Jue and Rafico Ruiz “Thinking with Saturation Beyond Water: Thresholds, Phase Change, and the Precipitate”, in Saturation: An Elemental Politics, edited by Melody Jue and Rafico Ruiz, Duke University Press, 1-26.

Elizabeth Deloughrey “Submarine Futures of the Anthropocene” in Comparative Literature, 69:1, 2017, 32-44.