Welcome to the 2022 Haunted Shores Conference on the topic of Seaweed!

We are looking forward to the Seaweed Haunted Shores Reading Group on Thursday 19th May 1-2pm BST & a whole day of exciting talks on Friday 20th May 2022.


“A darkness in the dark water”: En-tangled Approaches to Seaweed


Friday 20th May 2022

9.00: Welcome

(Please note that all times in this schedule are in BST (British Summer Time))

9.30–11.00: Panels 1 & 2

EcoGothic #1: Contemporary HauntingsPoliticising Seaweed
Chair: Kristy Strange

Frances Hallam, ‘Seaweed Posthumanism: Ecogothic Hybrids in Gaming Waterworlds’, available on Youtube here.

Fredrik Blanc, ‘“We Remember”: Seaweed, the Oceanic Weird, and Transcorporeal Remembrance in Rivers Solomon’s The Deep (2019)’, available on Youtube here.
Chair: Roslyn Irving
Susanne Ferwerda, ‘Kelp Encounters: Extinction and Resurgence in the Installation Art of Mandy Quadrio’
Liz Oakley-Brown, ‘Siting Seaweed in Sixteenth- and Seventeenth-Century England’
Alessandro Antonello, ‘Boom and Bust in South Australia’s Seagrass Meadows’

11.00–11.30: Break & chat ☕️

11.30–1.00: Panel 3

Poetry & the Archive
Chair: Madeline Potter
Rachael Murray, ‘“On ocean and earth I’m a goodly thing”: The Ambiguous Lives of Eliza Cook’s Poeticising Plants’, available on Youtube here.
Jimmy Packham, ‘Melville and the Oozy Weeds’, available on Youtube here.

Chloé Duteil, ‘Algal Traces: Human-Seaweed Relations on the Breton and Welsh Coasts, 1900s–1930s’, available on Youtube here.

1.00–2.00: Lunch 🌮

2.00–3.30: Panels 4 & 5

EcoGothic #2: 19th & 20th CenturiesThe Wrack Zone: Shipwrecks in the Anthropocene
Chair: Fredrik Blanc

Jordan Welsh, ‘The Murderous Coast: Shorelines, Seaweed, and the Queens of Crime’

Madeline Potter, ‘Metaphors of Death Entangled in Seaweed in Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Little Mermaid”’

Emily Alder, ‘Seaweed and Cephalopods: Algal Horrors in H. G. Wells’
Chair: Giulia Champion

Sara Rich and students from Coastal Carolina University, available on Youtube here.

3.30–4.00: Break & chat ☕️

4.00–5.30: Creative panel

Chair: Sara Rich

Rob Magnuson Smith, ‘The Future of British Seaweeds’

Sarah Godfrey, ‘Kelp, Non-linear Materiality, and the Non-Binary Body’, available on Youtube here.

Caroline Millar, ‘Peninsula’

5.30–5.45: Break & chat ☕️

5.45–6.15: Screening

Bryony Kate Gillard, Unctuous Between Fingers

6.15– : Closing Remarks & Virtual Drink 🍾