On 17 September 2022, for the second Workshop of the Scottish Shores Project, the same group of collaborators came together to share work in progress and reflections in 20 minutes paper on their work engaging with Scottish littoral and coastal environments, Gothic and Folklore Studies and the Blue Humanities.

Presentations included the following papers:

Travelling Theories & Legos:

Alex Campbell – “Logistical Turbulence in Brackish Times”

Timothy Baker – “Dragons on the Shore: LEGO, Beachcombing, and the Material Text”

Nordic EcoGothic (Dis)Embodiments:

Monica Germanà – “‘Skeleton Wumman’: Haunted Underwater from Scotland to the Arctic”, see here references for this paper, kindly shared by Monica.

Jimmy Packham – “Edinburgh and the Whales”

Folklore & Labour in the British Isles

Karl Bell – “Toil and Terror: Narrating Sea and Self in Nineteenth-Century Scottish Coastal Folklore”

Militarising & Selling Scottish Shores:

Emily Alder – “Unsafe Shores: Trident and Coastal Security in the BBC’s Vigil (2021)”

Giulia Champion – “Commodifying Scottish Shores: Oil, Whiskey & Windfarms in the Gothic Imagination”